New 2020 material available on itunes, 7digital, Amazon (for amercians), Spotify, applemusic, youtube & other stores, best wishes

harlequins enigma now with 1000 streaming fans on spotify & 2500 streaming fans on deezer. thanx all listeners, you have our gratitude! :)

30. mar, 2021

for harlequins enigma's epk (press kit) - visit this url

-åge riisnes march 30 2021

26. des, 2020

pixie dust maxi single out for christmas & newyear 2020

pixie dust includes some material from our old database of tracks. they have been remastered for this release. adg mastering mastered the 3 tracks, which are: pixie dust, take my hands, elemental fire. the cd cover was done by Skyitservices07 @ - many thanx all. sara jensen & katie leung appears on the take my hands track. the maxi single is a nice addition to our material, & i hope you all get to hear it. we wish you a happy new year.

greetings & hope for a better year in 2021 - cu -åge :)

21. nov, 2020

stargazer 2 refreshed out now

stargazer 2 is a troublesome file that somehow got ruined all over the internet. & also in my home. i edited the file & re-released it a week ago, wanted to share the news with you.. i added moral game & reso on the single, cd cover was made by: joanna_wood84 @ - i am totally happy with both stargazer 2 & moral game, hope you will check them out - find it on spotify, youtube music, amazon, itunes & later also: 7 digital (not there yet). have a nice upcoming season, glad trump lost, now biden will restore some decency to the world, i felt trump/pence were bad/rude at their presidency with much old cold politics & much of trump had the flu from the apprentice reality program from tv. a bad mix it was totally. summed up a nightmare is past us. best of luck to biden & harris. peace all.

20. jan, 2020

Harlequins enigma drops a New year album release in "water fall Flowers tall". the album consist of 18 tracks & has modern Dance Music & hiphop, beautiful New age tracks & also the odd eerie Electronic encounter.

Harlequins enigma drops a New year album release in "water fall Flowers tall". the album consist of 18 tracks & has modern Dance Music & hiphop, beautiful New age tracks & also the odd eerie Electronic encounter. Harlequins enigma release this album via cdbaby. the album is available on itunes, Amazon, & googleplay for purchases. the 7digital store will follow. for streaming the album should be available now or any moment soon on Spotify, tidal, amazon Music & applemusic. the index for water fall Flowers tall is from their old & New database, the album is a heartfelt & fun combination that åge riisnes think is great, & should appeal to Young & old. the album cover was done by graphicboi at & the tracks are produced by åge riisnes. the masters are done via online mastering from different Sources. åge's father recently had a stroke & fell ill again in Christmas, åge wish him well & hope for recovery. åge also wish the world better times. though the cigarettes åge is smoking might kill him at his rate, he still holds on them. åge is alone & struggles With mental Health issues & has some condition in his body that resembles ehlers danlos syndrome. åge says this might be the common day for many, but hope a change in this matter will unfold & let life be lived the way it is supposed to. åge wishes his fans family & friends / lovers happy new year, & many thanx to special guests sara jensen, klaus schulze, elin berge & jochen hippel who appear on the album.

20. aug, 2019

brooding brains in vain electro/newage/world compilation out now on googleplay

Harlequins enigma's 2nd release today is out now on #google #play - the title is called: brooding brains in vain. the release is a best of album in #newage #world #ambient selections from Harlequins enigma's Library, both from the debut period till the comeback years. it is released via #cdbaby - gograb a track if you like it :)…/Harlequins_Enigma_Brooding_Brains…
#albumreleases #albumrelease #albumslipp #norway #albumnytt #albumnews #albumnyheter #musikk #musikknytt #musikktips #musikknyheter #music #musicnews #musictip #electronic #dance #house #techno #pop - more stores will follow later in the week! @FACTmag @IDMMAG @Dance_Magazine @DJmag @whomag #brooding #brains #in #vain @igloomag @Brutal Resonance @TeleMusicNews @RealMusicLabel @reviewsnewage @WQXR @arcookmusic
@NewDawnMagazine #outnow #sweetdreams

20. aug, 2019

harlequins enigma release lipstick best of dance/pop/techno album from the dance heroine series

lipstick by harlequins enigma is a long journey in the making. 10 years has past since the beginning till the end of it all. the tracks are varied in 5 genres but is naturally integrated into this modern compilation of dance music. the index is a blast & interesting to listen to from beginning to end, where tracks like echo of the dolphins & the hunt (l' amour), will stand out for some, & council of the wayward youth to troya kronos would stand out for others. harlequins enigma do take credit for being versatile, & think the collection is modern & fresh. åge riisnes & sara jensen founded harlequins enigma back in 2008, & the band is still active. harlequins enigma's intention with the music was never to stand on stage, but to release albums, where fans have to download releases digitally. åge's idea of transforming albums into 1 genre only based albums have come more & more in recent years. this year saw lipstick (dance), raw tangent k (rock), & a diary (classical) in 2019. harlequins enigma also has 4 new summer singles out. be sure to check out harlequins enigma in 2019, they certainly have the material if the fans light the path. lipstick is out via cdbaby.

31. jul, 2019

girls from india out on the cdbaby store

many thanx to Pierpaolo Moschino, engineer @ #Fluido studio - for the #mastering of Our New single #girls from #india - you have Our gratitude. Girls from India is Harlequins enigma's 4th single of #summer 2019. the album/single cover was done by me & a stockphoto purchased & edited in an online tool called: belfunky - - you will find Harlequins enigma's latest singles on the #cdbaby store - have a Nice august all, untill Our paths cross again..
p.s. Girls from India will soon be online on major mp3 stores - patience..
<3 -åge
#india #world #pop #albumrelease #albumslipp #albumreleases #musikk #music #musikktips #musictip #musicnews #musikknytt #musikknyheter

30. jul, 2019

soon out: "girls from india" -single on major mp3 stores

Girls from India is a New single from Harlequins enigma, maybe Harlequins enigma's first India track, though they have been into it partially in a couple of other tracks in the past. Girls from India lies in the world pop genre & might just make you smile. put on Your high heels & do the chachacha.. out on major mp3 stores soon via cdbaby. it has been payed for & is currently awaiting the ok signal from the digital gnomes. -be good to each other all, & have a Nice august!

22. jul, 2019

moral game hope edition remaster had an accident just after it was released on the cdbaby store

moral game hope edition remaster had an accident just after it was released on the cdbaby store. the track was not sent to the other stores at the time. it was basically a bump in the intro of the track. so i fixed it now, which means if you got it from cdbaby, it might be bumpy in the beginning. i reckon cdbaby will update the store since i asked for changes. now in a couple of days everything should be well. the tracks have not been sent to the stores yet but is expected in to google play later today, the other stores will follow quickly, maybe a day later, like itunes & Spotify, 7digital has a later date. anyway i am happy now With this work. have a Nice july all. -åge

21. jul, 2019

moral game has been remastered & is out very soon

åge experienced some brain issues on the old Version & decided to restream the entire multitrack - it has been processed differently & stands as a fresh release. the master was done by by bob desmarais. josemperezv @ did the cover nicely revised. it is available now at the cdbaby store: - for the record moral game is kind of a Power ballad in synthesizer style ala the 80's. maybe inspired by art of noise, berlin & ultravox. hope you will enjoy it, cause it was a tough ride.

21. jul, 2019

air palette has been re-released & comes with a bonus track with new cd cover

Harlequins enigma was unfortunate With their horus release of this one, & encountered a fraud gfx artist at - fiverr refunded them some cash & here they are With a re-release, new cd cover & a bonus track.
the album is a little different sounding & should be great now.
2019 air palette is hereby "catmint's" little sister. catmint was Harlequins enigma's first jazz release & was out some years back via zimbalam. the material is much crossover jazz & moods but do have the occasional regular old School jazz track as well. hope the world will enjoy Our 2 releases.
the tracks onboard air palette is a good mix of electronic jazz which fall also into funk & classical subgenres, the moods are delicate & special. åge has much interest in catmint & air palette. if you have interest in jazz you can do worse then checking out these two albums. harlequins enigma & jazz is a little different at times, but many attempts remains as usual jazz pieces. they do stretch some of the tracks in new directions & they hope you will like their sound.

available on google, deezer, tidal & itunes, amazon. 7 digital will follow - spotify might after we take down the old release. happy hours to all! you may follow harlequins enigma on spotify facebook & twitter if you like them.

10. jul, 2019

RÉSO (underground city) out very soon via cdbaby on mp3 stores

RÉSO is an ethnic/world tracks With strange elements of electronica. it is inspired a little by kitaro & Secret garden. if you are eager, you may purchase or hear it at now! it was mastered at by Bob Desmarais. albumcover was made by graphicboi @ - make sure to tune in for a Professional mp3 file @ googleplay, amazon, itunes etc, on release date which might be tonight or tomorrow at some sites. plz note that Our 2 previous singles: steamy Kitchen & moral game, is out on major stores now. best summer -åge

22. jun, 2019

2019 material on the way

we are waiting for the masters of 2 New singles. the first is a Power ballad called moral game featuring bell/mallet leads With lots of fancy if i might say, sound fx. the other is a chip/drum n bass/Electronic mix With a Nice world voice, all With a dj rhythm- it is called steamy kitchen. hope you will like them. they will be released as 2 seperate singles & sent up to cdbaby as soon as the masters are done. the New material will then be available soon on itunes, googleplay, cdbaby store, 7digital, Amazon (for amercians), Spotify, shazam & other stores

22. jun, 2019

harlequins enigma drops new classical /newage release in "a diary"

in june 2019 a diary becomes offcial, a new classical album compilation, played entirely on synthesizer with real & synthetic instruments. the old release goes way, it was basically a free album on cdbaby. & they are taking all of all people's free releases Down in july i think. so we had to save that 1.
the genres for the 17 track index is based on beethoven, tori amos, grieg & wagner impressions, all originally composed. the material is varied & contain many moods from happy to sad. a diary is about a lot of things but it is about a long road with obstacles. & the road has more pain than good stuff. harlequins enigma reveals that during their years with sara jensen & sara q, his family & the other co-members & coop artists, that this whole harlequins enigma project was about hope for something better in the end. look no further the to put a diary on your shortlist for a New mood, if you're into classical & new age synthesizer music.

7. jun, 2019

harlequins enigma releases "raw tangent k" a rock/grunge/electro compilation

guys, girls.. surprise release from Harlequins enigma.. release a while back is a compilation called "raw tangent k", it consist of rock/Electronic/metal/industrial releases up from the early years till late work.. reason? there were no such album available. so here is a very respectable album for you to tap into.
Big Cat (Chase) Feat. Elin Berge.wav
Blood Flower feat. sara jensen & jochen hippel.wav
Cigarettas & Rattas (2009 demo).wav
dreams in dreams - Aftermath (horror d'arte).wav
Emily Dream Of Dragon Age.wav
Full Moon Eyes.wav
harley kin.wav
Parallel Blossom.wav
Raw Tangent K.wav
sixteen (2015 mix) feat. quentin tarantino.wav
Storm Before The Calm Feat. Jan Larsen Timbrevig.wav
Strokes In Mist.wav
suburban wave (remixed version).wav
That Long Gone Kittenhood.wav
wanderer's fall.wav
Zeal Feat. Dave Weckl.wav
20 tracks in all
#albumrelease #albumslipp #albumtip #musictip #musikktips #audio #electronic
#rock #grunge #industrial #norway #sarajensen #elinberge #daveweckl #quentintarantino
#jochenhippel #albumnews #albumnyheter #music #alternativemusic #synth #industrial
#wakeyourmum #loud #heavy #metal
hope you like it
åge riisnes, owner of Harlequins enigma
album is in store now (7digital, itunes, google play, Spotify etc)
album cover made by athena_eft of fiverr, & greece, many thanx athena, we love it :) <3
from norway, bye, cries, howlings, bark at the moons etc - over & out.. hope you all will listen to Our album, Peace!

30. mar, 2019

harlequins Enigma End Of Sessions Album Released - Crossing The Ocean.. crossing the ocean is a thought trough farewell release to complete wave & splash & other album from the past

crossing the Oceans is a well thought trough album, that is ment to Complete albums like splash & wave, & others. it was inevitable for Harlequins enigma to continue this modest but Wild, Journey in sound. this was due to Health issues & lack of stability, & alot of fatigue.. owner åge riisnes has earlier on Facebook mentioned an illness that is similar to me & osteoperosis, very fatigue breaking diseases.. that he strugggles With.. now he just wanted to release crossing the Ocean which toss some weight on the scale of best of releases vs releases in total.
it is now available on amazon, itunes, google play & the cdbaby store.. their distributor for the release was cdbaby. the release date was set to march 22, 2019. Harlequins enigma would like to wish friends, Family & other People involved in the now 10 year long Project, a good bye & best wishes for the future.. & to the lads & Girls, he says it has been an honour.

Air Ambulance theme.wav
ancestral courage.wav
Bewinged State.wav
Brood Dawn Mix.wav
dancing dolls feat. katie leung.wav
dark aqua (remixed Version).wav
Deep Blue Sky.wav
Discontinuing flow.wav
Friendship feat. sara q, emma Watson & katie leung.wav
magic & obscura.wav
Mental Grasp.wav
Parallel Blossom.wav
polymorphic y chromosome.wav
the painter man.wav
Witchcraft feat. sara jensen.wav
yes My Dear Seagull.wav

Harlequins enigma says farewell

28. des, 2018

a diary, available for preview (full tracks) in hq at

hey hope you had a peaceful season, good dinner, & eventually also a happy new year.. see you in 2019 --- untill then i renewed the hearnow account - you may listen to some of our new material there in hq (full tracks) at this url: (till the new year arrives..) @

later all, best wishes & cya in 2019, -åge

28. des, 2018

a diary, new classical compilation album, out on cdbaby now for x-mas/new year

in time for the x-mas season 2018 comes a diary, a new classical album compilation, played entirely on synthesizer with real & synthetic instruments.
the genres for the 17 track index is based on beethoven, tori amos, grieg & wagner impressions, all originally composed. the material is varied & contain many moods from happy to sad. a diary is about a lot of things but it is about a long road with obstacles. & the road has more pain than good stuff. harlequins enigma reveals that during their years with sara jensen & sara q, his family & the other co-members & coops artist, that this whole harlequins enigma project was about hope for something better in the end. look no further the to put a diary on your shortlist for the season & new year, if you're into classical & new age synthesizer music.

A Diary.wav
bow & arrow.wav
Fall Fade master - l'edit version.wav
flo & fjære (the tides).wav
harlequins enigma.wav
Keepress Of The Clock Tower.wav
Labyrinth Of The Heights Feat. Elin Berge.wav
mein lieber geliebten feat. elin berge & katie leung.wav
Middle Age, Castle & Playground.wav
Reconvalescere theme.wav
The Midnight Sessions - Night.wav
The Midnight Sessions - Piano.wav
The Resurrection Of The Daffodills.wav
the Trembling Path To Safety, pt.1 & pt.2.wav

harlequins enigma wishes you all a merry yule tide & a happy new year. if that doesn't suit you, we wish as good time as you can get anyway. the album art for a diary was done by denverson at

album url:

26. nov, 2018

harlequins enigma completes the dance heroine series with 3rd installment

harlequins enigma just released dance heroine: bedstories via cdbaby - an ep which completes everything from their dance cache. 7 nice tracks are onboard the ep, where sara jensen, sara q & katie leung contributes. the styles on the album goes from dance/electronic to techno. harlequins enigma denies that the material is of of a lesser value then the other releases. harlequins enigma actually sees the material as equal & strong tracks. out now on the cdbaby store, itunes, googleplay & amazon. the ep is bound to hit spotify, tidal & other stream services soon if they have not allready.

26. nov, 2018

mau tracks, a 2018 single - out now on regular album stores

harlequins enigma owner åge riisnes is releasing a track again in october 2018. he almost fell apart last year during the production of growing young, but made it. he did make it but had difficulities in his brain understanding simple rhythm setups, but somehow had a grip on it & felt some flow, this under serious brain hacking resistance. the result is called mau tracks, to be released under the cdbaby pro label. mau tracks is set for a release on the 29th of october 2018. the track is a hiphop/dance mix, totally instrumental for a nice mood in an electronic sea of waveforms. the track was mastered by Bob Desmarais at - the album art was made by mysellertop at - some freeware fx was included in the track & harlequins enigma credits & for it. harlequins enigma tells the audience in the world that though he sees himself as an artist, there should be room for life as well. living a monochrome-like musician/writer condition under control via brain & body hacking is hard, & he wishes most of the time to be set free somehow, but simply dont quite get how this could happen. åge is not christian, but do believe in higher powers. i guess his belief in oberon & other powerful gods could light him a beacon one day & lead him to safety. åge wishes happy & sad folks would light a candle for your loved ones, because love & laughter is like half your life & åge might have chosen the wrong path in life composing half his life & ignoring other stuff that matter. he is keen though on a vacation from it all. åge sends his best wishes to harlequins enigma involved people/musicians, fans, family, lovers. åge wishes you all a happy halloween.

22. aug, 2018

harlequins enigma releases "dance heroine - rival" a new dance compilation in the same path as the first dance heroine-album

harlequins enigma is chasing the rooster this morning & grabbed it & had a chat with the quackers.. we agreed upon releasing a new dance compilation.. speaking of dance compilation''s, our dance heroine is available on itunes, amazon & googleplay, what u might not know is that dance heroine deluxe is available at bandcamp (get it there in case u want to collect most of our pieces if not all 16bit together with voila: our new "dance heroine - rival" - album. dance heroine rival goes much in the footsteps of dance heroine, & offer 20 pieces of music tuning in at just under 80 minutes of play time. the tracks are lively in various modern styles including pop, disco & dance. artist involved on the album are: sara jensen, ståle riisnes, katie leung, elin berge & dj tiesto.

index: (alphabetical)

Airplane Harlequins Enigma feat. Elin Berge
Anargy remix Harlequins Enigma
Binding Steps Harlequins Enigma
Breathing Blind Owl Mix Harlequins Enigma feat. Sara Jensen & Katie Leung
Butterflies Of March Harlequins Enigma
Skyscraper Dancefloor 2 - Dancefloor In Motion Harlequins Enigma
Dark Years Justify mix Harlequins Enigma feat. Elin Berge
Disco For Electra Harlequins Enigma English
Exit Ninja Harlequins Enigma feat. Sara Jensen
Happy New Year Harlequins Enigma feat. Sara Jensen
Katzenjammer`s Acid Pitch Harlequins Enigma feat. Sara Jensen
Legends Harlequins Enigma feat. Katie Leung
My Favourite Drug Harlequins Enigma
Night Wing Harlequins Enigma
Reminiscence Harlequins Enigma
Rollercoaster Harlequins Enigma feat. Dj Tiesto
Skyscraper Dancefloor 10 - Exit Harlequins Enigma feat. Sara Jensen
The Hunt (L'amour) Harlequins Enigma feat. Katie Leung
Time Dance Harlequins Enigma feat. Ståle Riisnes
Transcending Conflicts Harlequins Enigma

look for it in a few days on itunes, amazon, googleplay & maybe juno. also hear them at spotify, deezer, tidal & other streaming services in the time to come.

hope u had a good summer. seems like fall is upon us now anytime soon. best of luck with that all! greetings to friends family lovers (not rapists), stay hungry!

21. aug, 2017

2nd jazz compilation album after catmint, soon out on stores

after harlequins enigmas first jazz album catmint, they have now compiled a collection that will suit the 1st. the album is called "air palette". release date is monday august 21st 2017.

A New Dawn Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
Bees Bop Feat. Katie Leung.wav
Blue Billy Biter Feat. Sara Q.wav
Entanglement Feat. Jan Garbarek.wav
Hearts Feat. Elin Berge.wav
I Bee Ell U Feat. Katie Leung & Emma Watson (Noise Reduction Master).wav
Kite Feat. Elin Berge.wav
Lonely Majesty.wav
Magnetic Note.wav
Martini Feat. Atjazz.wav
Memories Feat. Klaus Schulze.wav
Pajazzo Land Feat. Veela.wav
Quad Feat. Jan Garbarek & Sara Jensen.wav
Rainbow Ensemble (Rosina's Cats Mix) Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
Silent City Feat. Ståle Riisnes.wav
That Long Gone Kittenhood.wav
The Resurrection Of The Daffodills.wav
Warmth Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
Years Feat. Sara Jensen.wav

the album cover was done by santo121 @
many thanx

greeting to all fans friends family lovers & positive musicians. i hate grumps, too many of them in my mind.. catmint & air palette together is maybe everything we have in electro/jazz & certain subcategories..
#albumrelease #albumreleases #albumslipp #albumnytt #albumnews #music #musikk #muzoic #muzak #jazz #electro #electronic #top40 #top20 #top50 #top100 #norway #norge #garbarek #jangarbarek #atjazz #ågeriisnes @h_enigma #clapyourhands #blues #emmawatson #katieleung #sarajensen #ståleriisnes #elinberge #saraq #veela
goodbye summer - welcome fall & all that rain & winds that make us love to go shopping without cars.. basically i am empty now & since all i got last album with growing young was bruises & a beating, i feel as i don`t have much to give these days.. sorry if no more music is coming.. but i try to relax now.. sleeping pill addict, you guessed it.. much sleep dreams, my escape from my nightmare.. too much terror in the news, pretty sad stuff.. the news vs myself is pretty similar. broken! so i don`t know about you, if you believe in all of it either, much nonsense propaganda on the net & tv. i guess so, i guess so...
i know the last decade has been rising in daring stunts, it came along with facebook generations.. & other similar stuff like youtube. plus the humour is getting tweaked with the facebook generation as well-- when #manchester hit like #barcelona i have thought about the facebook generation. i guess i was a little like this when i was young with my poetry.. but i did it for poetic reasons & seeked an authors price for my work, i did not seek war - you can view some of them at egaasensiir author of poetry, at facebook. it is written in norvegian so have you translator ready..
anyway be peaceful & thankful for what you have, if you can`t have the shiniest car then use old trusty one & laugh.. fighting fire with fire will work for a while while there is an earth left on the battleground.
be well, untill next time take care of yourself & each other - that rang so good back in the old days..
later folks <3

28. jul, 2017

growing young album released, new compilation album on its way

hello all hope you have had the chance to hear our new album "growing young"... so i have listened to it myself & sort of have forgotten about my previous work a little.. much great music have been made in the past.. i like to think that i did an honest job at a new album together with sara, katie & klaus schulze. where many tracks have high quality, that i am really proud of.. speaking of high quality, i will now release a compilation album for you all with 11 tracks of rhythm in a compilation called "the head hunted (the great brain race)" - it is many tracks that have been played too little compared to the quality they have.. i also made an album cover for it, done by great indonesian freelance artist "mobyartist" at #fiverr --- the album index goes like this:
01-Skeleton Crew (Extended) Feat. Klaus Schulze.wav
02-The Painter Man.wav
03-Dark Years (Mix) Feat. Elin Berge.wav
04-Hidden Asian.wav
05-Relief Escort Feat. Klaus Schulze.wav
06-Vargtass (Remaster).wav
07-Cowards & Heroes.wav
08-Suburban Wave (Mix).wav
09-Voices From The Ethereal Planes Of The Rain Forests.wav
10-Voices From The Material Planes.wav
11-Council Of The Wayward Youth.wav
12-Half Life.wav
have a nice summer still to friends, fans, lovers, family, & also to birds cats owls - hope you are enjying yourself all! best wishes!
#albumrelease #albumreleases #albumslipp #albumnytt #albumnyheter #nymusikk #music #musicnews #muzoic #musictip #newmusic #musikktips #musikk #musikknyheter #norge #norway #bergen #electronic #hiphop #ambient #disco #dance #top40 #top50 #top100 #alternative #instrumental #summer #summer2017 #sommer2017 #sommer #summer17 #pop #hotmusic #brain #brainrace #headhunted #head #hunted #hurt #god #satan #gods #schulze #elinberge #klausschulze #ågeriisnes #åge #riisnes #clapyourhands #edm #party

16. jul, 2017

growing young soon on its way to the stores

hello all fans, family, friends, lovers, harlequins & then some.. new album based on 2017 material is on its way
monday july 17th 2017. the album "growing young" will then be released to the stores. there could be a small delay but, we think it will go smoothly. the album cover is now done, done by brokoola @ with his unique style.. i`m setting up the index for you & hope you will be there to stream or buy it once it is released. you have my word for it that this is a quality release :)
01-The Tattering Norm (Doveboys Version) Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by tailor made mastering
02-Dark Aqua (Album Version).mp3
mastered by music guy mastering
03-Mental Floss At Owl Hoot Station Feat. Klaus Schulze.mp3
mastered by josh benzin
04-Captain One Eyed Owl & The 3 Legged Cat (Doveboys Version) Feat. Sara
Jensen & Katie Leung.mp3
mastered by åge riisnes - mixed by dietfried on fiverr.
mastered by
06-Fruit Circle (Doveboys Version) Feat.Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by creative audioworks
07-Growing young (two thousand and seventeen-aging) Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by diamond disc audio
08-Outcast Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by josh benzin
09-Fighting Traffic Lights (Remaster).mp3
mastered by åge riisnes
10-Estranged Youth Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by josh benzin
11-The Tattering Norm Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered partially by rob kleiner.
stay tuned for the release of this album, as it is a great collected 2017 worx. don`t mistake the "visitors" album for 2017 material, those were based on old stuff from the early years back in 2009. growing young is mostly if not all in some way, 2017 material only..
#album #albums #newreleases #albumslipp #newalbums #musikk #musikknytt #musikknyheter #nyealbum #musicnews #musictip #electronica #electronic #ambient #dream #soundtrack #classical #newage #pop #disco #dance #fiverr #clapyourhands @h_enigma #moon #devil #brookola #growing #young

14. jul, 2017

new album based on 2017 material on its way

monday july 17th 2017, the album "growing young - two thousand and seventeen-aging" will be released to the stores most likely, there could be a small delay but, we think so. the album cover is not finished yet (brokoola @ is working on it - we might have it tomorrow or morning of the 16th). i`m setting up the index for you & hope you will be there to stream or buy it once it is released.
01-The Tattering Norm (Doveboys Version) Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by tailor made mastering
02-Dark Aqua (Album Version).mp3
mastered by music guy mastering
03-Mental Floss At Owl Hoot Station Feat. Klaus Schulze.mp3
mastered by josh benzin
04-Captain One Eyed Owl & The 3 Legged Cat (Doveboys Version) Feat. Sara
Jensen & Katie Leung.mp3
mastered by åge riisnes - mixed by dietfried on fiverr.
mastered by
06-Fruit Circle (Doveboys Version) Feat.Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by creative audioworks
07-Together (Album Version) Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by diamond disc audio
08-Outcast Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by josh benzin
09-Fighting Traffic Lights (Remaster).mp3
mastered by åge riisnes
10-Estranged Youth Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered by josh benzin
11-The Tattering Norm Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
mastered partially by rob kleiner.
stay tuned for the release of this album, as it is a great work. don`t mistake the "visitors" album for 2017 material, those were based on old stuff from the early years back in 2009. growing young is mostly if not all in some way, 2017 material only..

#album #albums #newreleases #albumslipp #newalbums #musikk #musikknytt #musikknyheter #nyealbum #musicnews #musictip #electronica #electronic #ambient #dream #soundtrack #classical #newage #pop #disco #dance #fiverr #clapyourhands @h_enigma

2. jul, 2017

dark aqua single, to be released july 3rd 2017

a sountrack type of muisc/atmosphere will be released as a single on monday via horus music called dark aqua. the theme of the track is danger elements in the oceans aka jaws, octopus, alligator & more.. the ocean itself is dangerous & beautiful, something i think the track captures nicely.. look for it soon on google play, itunes, deezer, tidal, & the day after on amazon & spotify.

27. jun, 2017

"i bee ell u" now with 20k streams on spotify

first to go over 20000 listens..
proud :)

27. jun, 2017

vortex single delayed

vortex is delayed, expect it soon - fright not it is coming, just a few minor details probably, over at horus music, our distributor.

22. jun, 2017

"vortex" new age single out somewhere between friday 23rd to monday 26th

vortex feat. sara jensen is a new age track that popped out in a moment not long ago, it was done over 2 days & has varied parts, where most is relaxing, some of it is classical with dark overtones. mastered by dirty drop mastering, & noise reduced by myself later. it had a difficult patch that was real hizzy! --- look for it on friday late, through monday june 26 2017. the track has lent inspiration from schulze/eno/vangelis/beethoven & others

14. jun, 2017


hey, in case you don`t know what my mayday mode is about. then just imagine a sinking boat in a storm, where the storm is hooligans in my head, getting all bruised by the waves & stuff. it certainly is rude to attack a silent musician, not allways either was i silent, but a fist might have done something about it. mental pain mostly. it doesn`t exactly make you want to continue. but feel lucky to see the release of doveboys & cowgirls - best wishes, -åge riisnes (untill death do us apart of course).

14. jun, 2017

doveboys & cowgirls ep, out now on itunes, spotify, tidal

doveboys & cowgirls is now out on itunes, microsoft groove, google play, amazon, juno, spotify, tidal & deezer. i am here to announce a lavish sort of ep. & it comes from us? oh blush ���� - it is called doveboys & cowgirls. it contains remaster of fruit circle without hiss this time, mastered by stewart adam @ creative audio works. obviously it had to be touched abit, so dont expect a copy. it is called fruit circle (doveboys version). this is a very sweet & warm version. it contain remaster of the tattering norm, mastered by Emmanuel de Saint Méen @ tailor made mastering. very nifty version. it contain a remaster of fighting traffic lights (doveboys version) hot stuff. & a very hot remaster also of captain one eyed owl & the 3 legged cat. + you will also find estranged youth on the ep, mastered by josh benzin. i had something to do with the other masters but they were previously somewher else. all in all i am very happy with this ep & i expect the fans to like it - haha! well i am happy, why shouldn`t they be. it had a release date of monday june 12, 2017. i set it up for #dance stores as well since there are some material on the #ep that belongs.
bring your ears, even cash if you got to the stores looking for doveboys & cowgirls. the album cover was made by freelance artist jelsinardaooo on #fiverr. cool it was too! you all have my special thanx!
#music #newmusic #nymusikk #musikknytt #musikk #musicnews #musikktips #musictip #albumreleases #albumrelease #albumslipp #top40 #top50 #top20 #electro #disco #world #ambient #dark #light #darkness #sweet #fun #gratitude #love . thanx for being a fan, greetings! hello also to family, friends, lovers. special thanx to mastering artists, couldn`t have done it without you. best wishes :) <3

14. jun, 2017

mental floss at owl hoot station feat. klaus schulze out on itunes

mental floss at owl hoot station was releases a while back & is available for purchase & streaming at itunes, amazon, google, microsoft groove, tidal deezer, spotify. the track goes very much arpegiatorwize in schulze/td style. i know it should appeal to some people interested in the style. hope you like it..

22. des, 2016

thought it never come - happy yule tide

happy yule tide free 2 tracks share from harlequins enigma 2016.
download now!!ZUsWWS6C
decryption key for the download:
enjoy yourself this holiday & hopefully a happy new year, that`s 2017 (thought it never come)!

15. okt, 2016

illness (copy from facebook page)

pick up harlequins enigma tracks at these stores, if you by chance have noticed us for our nice tracks. harlequins enigma plays mainly electronica in many genres, like pop, jazz, ambient, dance, industrial & beyond - åge riisnes, owner is now relaxing at home, reshaping spiritually, mentally & physically, due to stress & a ton of cigarettes. he has not been feeling good lately, something that occured around the time of his brother ken`s death & that appeared in 2015 & 2016 again listening to electronica tracks. music is ment to be inspiring, joybringers & moodswingers, too bad it had to be like this, with a reverse climax when it came to his heights in music, smacked in the face by music he loved.…/music/artist/Harlequins_Enigma……/dae41700-0200-11db-89ca-0019b92……/ar…/harlequins-enigma/id389991922…/Harlequins+Enigma/releases/…
#illness #sick @h_enigma #music #musicnews #musictip #musikknyheter #musikknytt #musikktips #rest

25. sep, 2016

"i bee ell u" due for release end of september 2016 by harlequins enigma feat. emma watson & katie leung

back in glory days, harlequins enigma produced i bee ell u, a jazz/blues mix atmosphere feat. emma watson & katie leung. it has been held back for different reasons. åge is glad to share it finally, & loves it very much. harlequins enigma is not a dead project, but he is currently mending his spiritual side & seeks some relaxation & peace. he will not produce anything at the moment, but might be back sooner then you think, if he gets lucky with his mix of mana, stamina & health potions. website: - harlequins enigma`s work can be found on itunes, amazon, juno, emusic & other stores. stream harlequins enigma at deezer, spotify & tidal among others. thanx for summer - we welcome fall & enter darker times with samhain coming up soon. cheers all! -åge

21. jul, 2016

26 degrees yesterday & sunny

hope you all are having a nice summer
<3 åge

11. mai, 2016

burma cats with bells summer release

final release of the summer from harlequins enigma is a single called: burma cats with bells. it is a world/newage/instrumental track. pretty neat it is & i hope you all like it when it arrives. release date is set to may 13th 2016.

distributor for the release is horus music

‪#‎albumrelease‬ ‪#‎singlerelease‬ ‪#‎albumslipp‬ ‪#‎albumreleases‬ ‪#‎singelslipp‬ ‪#‎newage‬ ‪#‎world‬ ‪#‎instrumental‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎musikk‬ ‪#‎musicnews‬ ‪#‎musictip‬ ‪#‎musikknyheter‬ ‪#‎musikknytt‬ ‪#‎musikktips‬ ‪#‎burma‬ ‪#‎cats‬ ‪#‎cat‬ ‪#‎bells‬ ‪#‎clapyourhands‬ @h_enigma

5. mai, 2016

airplane feat. elin berge single, out today/tomorrow on major stores

airplane feat. elin berge dance/disco/club single, out today/tomorrow on major stores. an exciting old release that was restaurated lately. be sure to check it out.

5. mai, 2016

best of åge vol.4 & vol.5 albums out now

the 4th & 5th additions to the best of åge solo line of albums are now availalbe on itunes, groove, amazon, google, tidal, deezer & juno.

30. apr, 2016

best of åge vol. 4 & vol. 5 due for release soon

i am completing the best of åge series, with vol. 4 & vol. 5.
these will be out some time after monday the 2nd. where horus music will send them out to the stores.
vol. 1 to vol. 5 covers best of solo material from debut in 2008 till fall 2015.
index v4:
A Rose For My Android.wav
Contemporary constitution.wav
Ethereal Crow Flight Part 1.wav
Exert Force pt. 1.wav
Exert Force pt. 2.wav
harley kin.wav
Magnetic Note.wav
Prince (Coast To Coast Mix).wav
Rainbow Blitz (Catwalkers Mix).wav
Restless Resistance.wav
running hare.wav
Stargazer 6 - Eclipse.wav
suburban wave.wav
That Long Gone Kittenhood.wav
The Orchestrating Ocean.wav
union - candy mix.wav
Voices from the ethereal planes of the rain forests.wav
index v5:
Brood - dawn mix.wav
Butterflies of march.wav
council of the wayward youth.wav
dark chocolate matrix.wav
electric lava blossom.wav
Future Nexus (Evanescense Prophecy).wav
Keepress Of The Clock Tower.wav
lonely majesty.wav
Pajazzo Land Feat. Veela.wav
Quack Love.wav
Stargazer 2 - stargazer.wav
stargazer 5 - supernova.wav
Stargazer 9 - destiny star.wav
summer path.wav
best wishes to all my fans, friends, family, lovers...
‪#‎albumrelease‬ ‪#‎albumreleases‬ ‪#‎albumslipp‬ ‪#‎wav‬ ‪#‎16bit‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎musikk‬ ‪#‎musikknytt‬ ‪#‎musikknyheter‬ ‪#‎musikktips‬ ‪#‎musictip‬ ‪#‎musicnews‬ ‪#‎newage‬ ‪#‎electronic‬ ‪#‎funk‬ ‪#‎jazz‬ ‪#‎bestof‬ ‪#‎bestofage‬ ‪#‎top40‬ ‪#‎top20‬ ‪#‎top50‬ ‪#‎clapyourhands‬ ‪#‎black‬ ‪#‎white‬ ‪#‎dark‬ ‪#‎light‬

8. apr, 2016

"am rain", a summary album available later this month on itunes, spotify, deezer, tidal.

despite illness, åge is still up & going, but ask him to run & he`ll file you a ticket. april 14th 2016 will see the release of am rain, a summary album from the norvegian electronica band. there has been a few changes to the index:
Am Rain Feat. Klaus Schulze.wav
Anargy (2016 Mini Mix).wav
Bees Bop Feat. Katie Leung.wav
Blue Billy Biter Feat. Sara Q.wav
Council Of The Wayward Youth (fix mix).wav
Dark Chocolate Matrix.wav
Happy New Year (Sweet 2016 Mix) Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
Kangaroo (Skyscraper Dancefloor 13).wav
Legends (2016 Version) Feat. Katie Leung.wav
Martini Feat. Atjazz.wav
Night Lights.wav
Spacedman (Amigo Nuke Mix).wav
Suburban Wave.wav
Vargtass (2016 edition).wav
Witchcraft Feat. Sara Jensen.wav

the material stretches from bebop to electronic genres like trip hop (dark chocolate matrix), & also electronic (vargtass), & soundtrack material & a classical (more or less) piece in "januar."
happy days all - i can`t stand lemons (walking ones)

29. mar, 2016

mastering for the album "am rain" will start in a week or two

i`m compiling a new album based on older material with a few mixes. the product is called am rain. mastering for the album will start in a week or two, with hope for some nice sound. some of the material is not in good shape, so if i succeed or not will be seen. total 18 tracks are included, some are darker type electronica & some are pure gold + some fun stuff.
am rain feat. klaus schulze.wav
anargy (2016 mini mix).wav
Bees Bop feat. katie leung.wav
Blue Billy Biter Feat. Sara Q.wav
Council Of The Wayward Youth.wav
dark chocolate matrix.wav
legends feat. katie leung.wav
Martini feat. atjazz.wav
Night Lights.wav
Skyscraper Dancefloor 13 - kangaroo.wav
Spacedman (amigo nuke mix).wav
suburban wave (2016 mix).wav
Sweet Dance (Happy New Year Mix) Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
vargtass (remaster).wav
Where Roses Grow feat. jan riisnes & jan reidar riisnes (demo version).wav
Witchcraft feat. sara jensen.wav
expect a release in the 2nd half of april or begiining of may.
i know this release is edgy, but you might be surprised.
best wishes all, -åge
‪#‎albumreleases‬ ‪#‎albumrelease‬ ‪#‎albumslipp‬ ‪#‎electronica‬ ‪#‎newage‬ ‪#‎funk‬ ‪#‎triphop‬ ‪#‎jazz‬ ‪#‎musicnews‬ ‪#‎musikktips‬ ‪#‎musictip‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎amrain‬ ‪#‎am‬ ‪#‎rain‬ ‪#‎harlequinsenigma‬ ‪#‎atjazz‬ ‪#‎schulze‬ ‪#‎saraq‬ ‪#‎sarajensen‬ ‪#‎katieleung‬ ‪#‎janriisnes‬ ‪#‎janreidarriisnes‬ ‪#‎clapyourhands‬ ‪#‎april‬ ‪#‎may‬ #2016

1. aug, 2015

running hare & dancing dolls dispute

hello all! due to a dispute with warner records, we had to take down running hare & dancing dolls feat. enya. this was a label issue, where we only had verbal agreement on the release, so they had to be taken down by rights.

edit: running hare & dancing dolls are out under harlequins enigma`s own name, on "the wait" album. running hare can also be found on "ladybug". -åge

15. feb, 2016

time, a klaus schulze/harlequins enigma compilation, now out on the cdbaby store

ok all, new from harlequins enigma today is "time", a klaus schulze/harlequins enigma collection of 9 tracks (two cats on pillow feat. schulze/katie leung), & appetite for oxygen feat. schulze/emma watson/sara jensen/elin berge & jan larsen timbrevig). all tracks are outside td sound 1 & td sound 2. many thanx to klaus who has been interested & supportive since 2008 when we first spoke. the album sells for $6.99 at the cd baby store. the clips sounds ok over there so you can do worse then getting this, for todays shortlist. i am very happy with the material on time & td sound 1 & td sound 2. it has been a rich experience.
1. appetite for oxygen (feat. Klaus Schulze, sara jensen, emma watson, elin berge & jan larsen timebrevig
2. dark light (feat. Klaus Schulze)
3. f-type 2 (feat. klaus schulze)
4. firebird (feat. klaus schulze)
5. nicaragua canal (feat. Klaus Schulze)
6. relief escort (feat. klaus schulze)
7. skeleton crew (extended version) [feat. Klaus Schulze]
8. two cats on pillow (feat. Klaus Schulze & Katie Leung)
9. young mogul & the alien queen (ender) [feat. Klaus Schulze]
‪#‎tdsound‬ ‪#‎schulze‬ ‪#‎emmawatson‬ ‪#‎katieleung‬ ‪#‎janlarsentimbrevig‬ ‪#‎sarajensen‬ ‪#‎elinberge‬ ‪#‎time‬ ‪#‎musicnews‬ ‪#‎musikknytt‬ ‪#‎norway‬ ‪#‎musictip‬ ‪#‎musikktips‬ ‪#‎musikknyheter‬ ‪#‎electronica‬ ‪#‎electronic‬ ‪#‎newage‬ ‪#‎ambient‬ ‪#‎clapyourhands‬ ‪#‎hot‬

15. feb, 2016

the long road re-release just out on cdbaby

the long road has been recompiled & is available on the cdbaby store now.
an album out early in harlequins enigma`s carreer has now been put up at the cd baby store. genre for the album is pop/piano & easy listening/soft rock
1. the long road part 1 - beginning part (the alchemy of the piano molecule`s crush on mr obey
2. the long road part 2 - memory part
3. the long road part 3 - love part (boy loves girl) [feat. sara jensen & elin berge]
4. the long road part 4 - power part (daddy)
5. the long road part 5 - end part (night)
it did not stay up long the last time due to a dispute, this though will stay up till the end of the world. remember only out on cdbaby at this time, but it might reach itunes, spotify, tidal, deezer & amazon at a later time.
artwork for the album was made by by eric zendejas, which is utterly stunning!
‪#‎albumrelease‬ ‪#‎albumreleases‬ ‪#‎albumslipp‬ ‪#‎easylistening‬ ‪#‎softrock‬ ‪#‎pop‬ ‪#‎piano‬ ‪#‎toriamos‬ ‪#‎richardclayderman‬ ‪#‎tangerinedream‬ ‪#‎clapyourhands‬ ‪#‎musicnews‬ ‪#‎musikknytt‬ ‪#‎musikknyheter‬ ‪#‎musictip‬ ‪#‎musikktips‬
hope you all like it

10. feb, 2016

moon ritual (heart drums mix) dance improvisation - on youtube

two girls from coruna (spain), did a dance improvisation of my track moon ritual (heart drums mix), by harlequins enigma. how very sweet of them :) - loved the dancing girls :) greetings from norway -åge

29. jan, 2016

tears (album) - re-released on the cdbaby store

tears is now out again on the cdbaby store. if you missed it, you will find a couple of tracks not available elsewhere there.

26. jan, 2016

half life for harlequins single/mini ep out now on itunes

the album includes 2 tracks, half life & harley kin. these are
instrumental heavy metal /industrial / electronica recommended tracks for people who like slayer/metallica/king diamond types. out on itunes, spotify, deezer, tidal, amazon & other stores.

‪#‎albumrelease‬ ‪#‎albumreleases‬ ‪#‎albumslipp‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎musicnews‬ ‪#‎musictip‬ ‪#‎musikktips‬ ‪#‎musikknytt‬ ‪#‎musikknyheter‬ ‪#‎metal‬ ‪#‎rock‬ ‪#‎hardrock‬ ‪#‎industrial‬ ‪#‎electronic‬ @h_enigma ‪#‎clapyourhands‬ ‪#‎metallica‬ ‪#‎kingdiamond‬ ‪#‎slayer‬
have a nice ride, -åge

1. jan, 2016

harlequins enigma drop dance compilation jan. 1 - 2016

a dance compilation called dance haroine, a full album containing 16 tracks, is now out on itunes, juno, amazon, spotify, deezer & tidal - more major stores will follow. the album has been released via horus music. enjoy it along with the new year, & take care all :)

1. jan, 2016

happy new year

happy 2016
hope you had a good celebration all
& that 2016 will be a better year then 2015
greetings to friends, fans & family

3. des, 2015

ladybug, new album by harlequins enigma out now

ladybug is a compilation of our most forest-like tracks in tribal/world/newage genres, collected in one brilliant compilation. aimed directly at that market. check out the index & look for it at itunes (out now) - google, groove, amazon, spotify, tidal, deezer & other stores will follow very very soon. harlequins enigma would like wish the artists involved, fans, friends & family a happy holiday & a happy new year. you all have our love & thanx! -åge

14. okt, 2015

the wait, album by harlequins enigma pre released

the wait is now out on onerpm for purchase - it will pop up on cdbaby very soon also for purchase. the album will be properly released during the weekend, or monday via zimbalam. running hare, dancing dolls & friendship will be back on the album after a dispute with enya`s record label warner, that led to the takedown of some albums. this was done because of lack of a written contract. hope you like the album. thanx for your support all - means a whole bunch :) <3

17. sep, 2015

silent city is ready - set for sep. 21 2015 release

silent city is finished. composed by me & my brother ståle riisnes. the master is ready, mixed & mastered by dietfried at fiverr . com (many thanx) - release date has been set to september 21, 2015. expect it later in the week as it has to go through some processes before horus music sends it to the stores. i can tell you that silent city is a ballad with sad leads & piano - silent city stands for ignorance in a town full of violent scum, where there is a mystery about noone interfering in torture & pain. a ghost town you might say. hope you like the artwork, made by toritheartist at fiverr . com - tori rain has been doing our latest covers & they are all very cool. many thanx! :) ‪#‎albumrelease‬ ‪#‎albumreleases‬ ‪#‎albumslipp‬ ‪#‎norge‬ ‪#‎norway‬ ‪#‎musikk‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎musikknyheter‬ ‪#‎musikknytt‬ ‪#‎musikktips‬ ‪#‎musicnews‬ ‪#‎instrumental‬ ‪#‎rock‬ ‪#‎electronic‬ ‪#‎alternative‬ ‪#‎ballad‬ ‪#‎harlequin‬ ‪#‎enigma‬ ‪#‎ghost‬ ‪#‎jante‬ ‪#‎torture‬ ‪#‎pain‬ ‪#‎sad‬ ‪#‎clapyourhands‬ @h_enigma

13. sep, 2015

preperations now for release of silent city

preperations is going on in åge`s life for the release of silent city. this is a piano/synth ballad. the track was a vip shortlisted track from 2009. this year tracks like running hare, dancing dolls & nymph among others were made as small sessions. the tracks have later been remixed in 2015, after the purchase of 5 vst instruments this summer. åge will start mixing the track next week when he get hold of some cash. something he looks forward to.

13. sep, 2015

10 things you might not know about harlequins enigma owner åge riisnes

did you know that..

1. gazer feat. vangelis was originally called stargazer 1,
but was too close to alien 1 to be released under that

2. åge drank 90% alcohol when he was young in a beer bottle,
thinking it was beer, he later had alcohol shock that damaged
his brain causing dizzyness & blackouts when he sat & composed
music in front of his pc?

3. he had a harmonic peaceful spiritual period at a hospital in
his late 20`s being inspired harmonically by depeche mode, king
diamond, natalie imbruglia, tori amos, tangerine dream, yello,
royksopp, vangelis, chemical brothers & others, where he later in
life met most of them via channeling, resulting in coops.

4. when he was little, a cat went missing, & he took the day`s
fish dish & laid pieces of fish uphill to lure the cat home,
which he eventually did.

5. when he was young he met a girl named viviann, which he had
a relationship with, which stalks him daily in real life, using
brain hacks, anxiety as ingredients & is really a sick sick
person who have a god complex.

6. the same viviann attacked him with various brain mumbo jumbo
as he wrote the above line.

7. he played soccer when he was young boy, resulting in a
terminated career due to brain control.

8. he loves girls & is called chocolate starfish

9. he hates boys sexually

10. he lost his brother ken lately?

9. sep, 2015

nymph pre release out now on bandcamp

the ‪‎#nymph‬ track is being released as a ‪#‎single‬ via ‪#‎horus‬ music. it was submitted today & is awaiting approval. nymph is an ‪#‎instrumental‬ ‪#‎techno‬ track with ‪#‎sensual‬ touches. plz allow yourself to ‪#‎listen‬ to this piece of ‪#‎music‬ -- there will be no regrets. nymph was mixed based on an early session from 2009. this was the year when åge made 400 sessions in 16 & 8 bit values. & this was one from the short list. the track uses a violin pad as main instrument & can be compared to vanessa mae`s work or zi mai. the track though is 100% ‪#‎original‬. release date has been set to september 10th 2015. nymph was ‪#‎mastered‬ by ‪#‎dietfried‬ @ Fiverr .com. look for it in stores next week (spotify, itunes, beatport, juno, amazon & more).
a big thank you to all my fans around the world who have purchased harlequins enigma`s music. i wish all fans, friends, & family a good year, & i want to congratulate my father on his 73rd birthday.

url for the pre released nymph single here:

<3 -åge

5. sep, 2015

nicaragua canal mini ep feat. klaus schulze out now

nicaragua canal mini ep feat. klaus schulze is now out on, itunes, amazon, google play, spotify & deezer. other stores will follow... release date was set to september 3rd 2015. nicaragua canal is about the canal & it`s function & surroundings, offering a merging of 2 oceans for export & tourism in a faster way. the title track is an ambient atmosphere with rock injections. vocals & birds of nicaragua are also in there along with some magnificent synth fx. the 2nd track, young mogul & the alien queen, is a pop/space track based on ender`s game. a sweet, weird & spacey track with mellow synthflute & synth guitar type of sounds. the ender track also features klaus schulze on synth. both tracks were mixed & mastered by dietfried on -- distributor for nicaragua canal is zimbalam. ‪#‎schulze‬ ‪#‎nicaragua‬ @h_enigma ‪#‎albumreleases‬ ‪#‎albumrelease‬ ‪#‎albumslipp‬ ‪#‎electronica‬ ‪#‎pop‬ ‪#‎ambient‬ ‪#‎rock‬ ‪#dietfried #fiverr #‎musicnews‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎musikktips‬ ‪#‎musikknytt‬ ‪#‎musikk‬ ‪#‎ender‬ ‪#bergen #norway #‎clapyourhands‬

21. aug, 2015

that sustaining note called life, out now

that sustaining note called life, is an album aimed at world, newage & tribal/forest fans. expect some brilliant pieces in the genres. featuring enya, kitaro & tangerine dream/simon le bon as some of the featured artists, this album has a thing to say in music lovers collections.

out now on itunes, google play, microsoft groove, amazon, spotify, deezer & tidal.

21. aug, 2015

themes vol 1 & vol. 2 out now

themes v1 & v2 are two volumes based on our more thematic work. a fine collection of old & new material it has become. as a bonus the albums features 87 & 88 minutes of material. the genres lie much in newage, electronica, pop, rock & some hiphop. it is a fine mix of candy.

artists involved on the vol.2 themes album are: Harlequins Enigma, Enya, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jan Garbarek, Kitaro, Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese, Simon Le Bon, Sara Jensen, Sara Q, Katie Leung, Elin Berge, Emma Watson, Jan Riisnes, Svein Tore Hindenes.

artists involved on the themes vol. 1 album are: Harlequins Enigma, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, King Diamond, Dave Weckl, Edgar Froese, Sara Jensen, Elin Berge, Jan Riisnes

out now on itunes, google play, microsoft groove, amazon, juno, spotify, deezer & tidal.

enjoy :)

13. aug, 2015

new world/newage/forest compilation album on its way

aimed at world/newage/tribal fans. the album is called:
that sustaining note called life

A Rose For My Android.wav
Counting Minute.wav
Echo Of The Dolphins (Original Mix) Feat. Svetlana.wav
Labyrinth Of The Heart Feat. Kitaro.wav
Moon Ray (Illuminated Oceans Mix).wav
Moon Ritual - Heart Drums Mix.wav
Operette (Arctic Summerset) Feat. Vangelis & Tangerine Dream.wav
Red Ribbon In The Wind Feat. Tangerine Dream, Simon Le Bon & Katie Leung.wav
Running Hare (Compressed Mix) Feat. Enya.wav
Space Singers Feat. Kitaro.wav
Spirit Rendez Vous Feat. Jan Riisnes.wav
Voices From The Ethereal Planes Of The Rain Forests.wav
Water Planet.wav

release date: august 21 - 2015

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12. aug, 2015

relief escort single & video out now

relief escort was made a week ago approximately in harlequins enigma owner åge riisnes` home. the track features juicy electronic disco elements, & is well worth a listen - mixed & mastered at an ssl mix console, the track got pretty great. this track features klaus schulze in the composition. out now on amazon & + also tidal, spotify & deezer. view the video visualizer at youtube at this url:

31. jul, 2015

themes vol.1 & vol. 2 - coming soon on itunes & amazon

harlequins enigma themes vol.1 & vol. 2 are due for release august 17th 2015. the albums have been payed for & are on their way to be shipped to the stores, via our main distributor zimbalam. themes is a result that deserves some attention. after many a struggle, åge riisnes in & out of coops, have some spectacular material to offer. the themes are collected from material from their beginning in 2008 till todays date 2015. åge felt it as a pleasure to forge the 2 albums & reminds you that the 2 albums are heavily loaded with total 87 & 88 minutes each, something that should be attractive for listeners - new & old. the albums consist much of new age, electronica, but also some pop/rock tracks, quality zealed with greetings from owner åge riisnes, he hopes you grow fond of them. he wishes to thank all persons involved & wish them & listeneres, family & friends good days. something that has remained a secret till now is the track "twins". it was made by me & elin berge, but do feature some notes by edgar froese, which back in 2009 was refered to by him as a present to me & her.
album indexes:
1-Battle Without Dishonour Feat. Elin Berge.wav
1-Big Cat (Chase) Feat. Elin Berge.wav
1-Cauchemar Feat. King Diamond & Sara Jensen.wav
1-City Nights.wav
1-Counting Minute.wav
1-Daddy (Vocal Version).wav
1-Dream State Feat Sara Jensen & Elin Berge.wav
1-Emily Dream Of Dragon Age.wav
1-Fall Fade (L`edit Version).wav
1-Jeopardy Feat. Edgar Froese.wav
1-Magic & Obscura.wav
1-Orbiting - Stargazer 3.wav
1-Parallel Blossom.wav
1-Polymorphic Y Chromosome.wav
1-Reconvalescere Theme.wav
1-Red Blue White (Excerpt) Feat. Tangerine Dream.wav
1-Sixteen (2015 Mix).wav
1-Stargazer - Stargazer 2.wav
1-The Black Currents & The Secret Of Arrakis Feat. Vangelis.wav
1-Transcending Conflicts.wav
1-Years (Legendary Loitering Baby) Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
1-Zeal Feat. Dave Weckl.wav

2-Air Ambulance Theme.wav
2-Ancestral Courage (Encourage).wav
2-Arctic Summerset (Operette) Feat. Tangerine Dream & Vangelis.wav
2-Bejeweled State Feat. Vangelis.wav
2-Bewinged State.wav
2-Brood - Dawn Mix.wav
2-Calls Feat. Vangelis.wav
2-Cowards & Heroes.wav
2-Desert Theme Feat. Vangelis & Sara Jensen.wav
2-Discontinuing Flow.wav
2-Exegeomai Feat. Edgar Froese & Klaus Schulze.wav
2-Flo Og Fjære (The Tides).wav
2-Friendship (Theme) Feat. Enya, Emma Watson, Katie Leung & Sara Jensen.wav
2-Gathering Of Stars (Lyra) Feat. Kitaro, Sara Jensen, Elin Berge, Svein Tore Hindenes & Jan Riisnes.wav
2-Hearts (Theme) Feat. Elin Berge.wav
2-Labyrinth Of The Heart Feat. Kitaro.wav
2-Labyrinth Of The Heights Feat. Elin Berge.wav
2-Mental Grasp (Theme).wav
2-Mother Bird Feat. Tangerine Dream.wav
2-New Love Feat. Jan Garbarek.wav
2-Red Ribbon In The Wind Feat. Tangerine Dream, Simon Le Bon & Katie Leung.wav
2-Rosina's Cats (Rainbow Ensemble) Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
2-The New Millenia Sport - Arp Millenia (L`edit Version).wav
2-Twins (Theme) Feat. Elin Berge.wav
2-Without Feat. Klaus Schulze.wav

31. jul, 2015

thanx to all who have purchased the new running hare or dancing dolls single - it means alot to me that i have your support, that you believe in me, with enya onboard.. many thanx :) - thanx also to all people who have had interest in harlequins enigma`s works earlier on.. my next project may be a track called nymph (dance/disco track) or silent city, (jazz/ballad mood track), & also a track that me & vangelis started back in 2009 called past & present nexus.. the 3 are all 2009 material but were not finished for release. been feeding the birds alot lately, they are awfully hungry, summer has not been what it once was here in norway.

11. jul, 2015

running hare feat. enya released

running hare feat. enya :) is now out on itunes, amazon, google play, deezer, spotify & tidal - hope you all like the final mix, which i think is great myself.. happy days all! running hare is a project harlequins enigma started in 2009. with the help of new plugins & enya, the track got shaped into something new & nice. think of the hare while listening to it & think of me & enya that worked a little on this. this was all done to make you music lovers another moment :) the newage/classical perspective suited the hare excellent & the final mix was incredible delightful to pull off. official launch date july 11th 2015 via zimbalam.

10. jul, 2015

dancing dolls feat. enya & katie leung released

dancing dolls was originally composed in 2009 by åge riisnes, enya & katie leung. it has been remixed in 2015 & actors were hired for the dialog. the result is pretty & cosy where a magic show takes you into another world of classical/new age music & mystery. available on itunes, amazon, google play, spotify, deezer & tidal.

10. jul, 2015

union (candy mix) released

union came to me impulsively after making a nice arp with some new wav material i purchased. union is alot about rhythm in itself. the candy mix uses vocoded messages and generally speaks to to the track as it progresses. inspiration j.m. jarre early, & kraftwerk. pre released on onerpm july 3rd 2015. hope you like it - goosebump factor is pretty high on the melodic section. :)
available on google play, amazon, spotify, tidal - delayed on itunes, but keep checking...